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Cultural And Leadership Development

Dianne Borella was born and resides in Darwin on Larrakia country. She is an Aboriginal (Yawuru) & Torres Strait Islander woman with links to Broome and the Torres Straits. She holds a Master of Public Health from Deakin University, as well as a Diploma in Arts of Social Science and Management.
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Years Experience

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Dianne brings her wealth of experience and academic validation to every engagement. Dianne has worked in the Australian Public Sector as an Aboriginal Education Officer, Aboriginal Field Officer, Program and Project Manager, Regional and District Manager, Health Solution Broker, Assistant Director and Senior Project Officer. With more than 40 years of experience in the Northern Territory and Thursday Island (QLD) in areas of education, employment, training, youth affairs, health, community and cultural development and management with both Territory and Commonwealth organisations, Dianne offers a deep understanding of both Indigenous and Cross-Cultural issues in all these fields. Working for cross cultural collaboration, reconciliation and Indigenous and health development, Dianne aims to see more young people prospering and communities managing their own affairs.

Dianne sees such collaborative development, adding value to organisations and communities to provide services to individuals and families, as part and parcel of giving back to the community that she is involved with.


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Happy Clients

“Having worked with Ms Dianne Borella for several years, in education, health and community development activities, I want to thoroughly commend her passion, understanding and enthusiasm for increasing cross-cultural awareness, and mutual respect among all cultures. Dianne’s long experience in remote, regional and urban settings gives her a rich background from which to advise on improving cultural understanding, and on effective education and health programming.

People skills are a special gift for Dianne, and she brings friendly, respectful relations into settings where suspicion and reluctance might otherwise dominate. Her long term work with young Indigenous sports people provides good background for knowing how to engage those who need nurturing into new experiences. And she is a confident public speaker and workshop facilitator at all levels, from the boardroom to the remote community store.”

Dr Robbie Lloyd

Independent R&D Consultant in Community Wellbeing, Education, Mental Health and Disability Support Reform Honorary Research Associate with the Centre for Disability Studies, Sydney University

“Dianne‘s involvement in the Health and Community sector is typified by her well-developed ability to connect with people from community and facilitate their involvement with the Health system.

Dianne is a well-known and respected figure in the AFL community where she is Aunty to numerous young people and has helped them to develop their lives in a holistic manner.

Dianne understands the issues in the health and disability sectors and how they impact in mainstream and life in remote community.

Dianne’s work with Rotary is further evidence of her genuine desire to engage and work towards building the capacity of the mainstream and remote community.”

Greg McMahon

Chief Executive Officer
Carpentaria Disability Services Inc.
“Dianne provided real and practical knowledge relevant to improving my own awareness, skilling for daily interactions and practical approaches to getting the job done in the right way.

Dianne provided specific knowledge from her wide first-hand experience which spans across several levels of government and non-government agencies.

Dianne is professional, warm and approachable with relevant qualifications. She keeps up to date and is active in the community so that if she doesn’t know something, she directs you to current practical and engaging resources that have real world uses.”

Josephine Wong

City of Darwin
“For all who participate in their role at the City of Darwin, Senior Management, Rangers and any other staff who liaise with the community in matters pertaining to animal management, will take great benefit from this Cultural Awareness Training workshop.

Cultural Awareness about the importance of animals to the Indigenous people is essential. It helps to address any issues that may arise by allowing Council staff to communicate and work effectively without judgement and/or prejudice. It assists in building and maintaining relationships which then brings the Darwin community together as a whole.

After attending Dianne Borella Cross Cultural Awareness training it provided me with in-depth knowledge and cultural awareness when working with animals and the Indigenous communities.”

Ms Ludmila Lelekov

Animal Education Officer
City of Darwin

“Di has a fantastic knowledge of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the barriers that may be faced when interacting with them. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and Di was a brilliant presenter.”

Jamie Chan

Body Fit
“I would like to say a very big thanks to Dianne for the information I gained at the Closing the Gap, Cultural Security and Cultural Safety session, I must say I thought it would be a long the same lines as a couple I have been to in the past but, this was brilliant, entertaining, very informative and most importantly relevant, plenty of information gained and a lot to take away and refer to as well. Thanks again Dianne for broadening ing my mind to cultural awareness.”

Wesley Carolin

Practice Incentive Program Officer (PIP)
Danila Dilba Health Service – Darwin