Leadership & Governance

Learn to get results through

Mentoring, Coaching, Empowering, and Supporting Others

Over a full 2-day workshop, Dianne educates on Leadership and Governance where she explains good leadership and governance qualities before delivering suitable skills and approaches.

There are many types of leaders and leaders come from all walks of life. Leadership is about planning, setting goals and priorities, to get results through mentoring, coaching, empowering and supporting others. Leaders are role models who ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’ to achieve goals and priorities while showing and treating people with mutual respect. Leadership is about being honest and transparent; with Leaders having integrity and take personal responsibility for their actions. They are honest and trustworthy with good values and behavioral patterns in life. Applying good communication and listening skills, leaders have the ability to communicate with a wide range of people.

Governance or corporate governance

can be referred to as the role of the board of directors within the organisation. The Board of Directors are the decision-makers and they implement the process by which decisions are made. They take ownership of writing policies and procedures within the organisation according to the strategic plan. The board is responsible for ensuring that the strategic plan or mission statement of the organisation is carried out. The Board of Directors should ensure that there are open lines of communication between the CEO and staff within the organisation to ensure that their expectations, policies and procedures are adhered to.

This workshop is offered to all appropriate members of an organisation from staff members, management through to the board of directors.

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