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Mentoring is a two-way relationship, a more experienced and a less experienced person, which enables personal and professional growth. Mentoring is about yarning, growth and providing support. Mentoring is also about sharing stories about our life’s journey. Mentoring is also about sharing skills, hopes, and dreams and what is important to us. It is about working together to help discover strengths, clarify dreams and move towards them and then celebrate our success. Mentoring is about having effective communication skills. Mentoring is about establishing trust and respect.

As a mentor you need to have the ability to build effective mentoring relationships. A mentor needs to set achievable and realistic goals and objectives for the person who is being mentored. A mentor needs to know how to work with young people. A mentor needs to manage expectations. Through the process, regular timelines need to be established to enable regular meetings to happen. The mentor needs to know when to close off the mentoring relationship once the goal has been achieved.

Happy Clients

Dr Robbie Lloyd

Independent R&D Consultant in Community Wellbeing


“Having worked with Ms Dianne Borella for several years, in education, health and community development activities, I want to thoroughly commend her passion, understanding and enthusiasm for increasing cross-cultural awareness, and mutual respect among all cultures…”

Greg McMahon

Chief Executive Officer – Carpentaria Disability Services Inc.

“Dianne‘s involvement in the Health and Community sector is typified by her well-developed ability to connect with people from community and facilitate their involvement with the Health system.
Dianne is a well-known and respected figure in the AFL community…”

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Mental health first aid provides practical strategies and are taught in evidence-based training courses authorized by Mental Health First Aid (Australia), and delivered by accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainers/Facilitators throughout Australia.

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