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As a local Indigenous woman, owning my own business has been a passion of mine for a long time. I knew one day that my dream would come true and it would happen, it was a matter of setting myself a realistic goal and working hard to achieve this goal. I knew I had to complete a university degree as one of a number of milestones in successfully achieving this goal. I enrolled in a Master of Public Health at Deakin University through the Institute of Koorie Education and was accepted. During this process I made a number of sacrifices to achieve my results. I had a very supportive family and I did it for myself, my children and my grandchildren. I had not been to school for over thirty years, this was a very big highlight in my personal life. I graduated as a Master of Public Health at Deakin in October 2013.

Since I started my business

some of the areas required to be organised are Business Administration and Business Development, such as; your quotes, tax invoices, your finances are very important, ensure that you are quoting appropriately and fairly, have good communication and interpersonal skills, have the ability to have face stakeholder meetings with a wide range of community members. Know their budget if possible; sell your product to the stakeholders. Give them the opportunity to think about your product and then make contact with them. Have the ability to travel, if need be, either within your own state or interstate, or internationally. Have access to a business mentor for support. Ensure you have good marketing materials such as your business cards, capability statement, business plans, website access, and mobile phone to ensure that clients can contact you. Develop sustain good respectful relationships and partnerships with the wider community.

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